Skeo Solutions: Contract and Project Management Application
Skeo Solutions, a environmental engineering firm that works with Federal, State and local governments, was experiencing a period of significant growth and needed a technology solution to manage their contracts and projects.  Ryan Casey led the architecture and development of the application that provides Skeo's project managers with the ability to track budgets and actual expenses (hours, travel, ODCs) as well as provide Program Managers and Executives with the ability to see revenue and cost information at the contract level. Additionally, Skeo is now able to generate a monthly financial report in less than a day where previously it took approximately 2 weeks to generate the same report.
Capital Asset Planning and Facilities Management Application for a global Architecture and Engineering Firm
Ryan Casey led the architecture and development of Paragon, a Capital Asset Planning and Facilities Management (CAPM) application.  The application has been in use for almost 10 years and provides our client the ability to enter detailed information about facilities (buildings, roads, train tracks), conditions, and needed repairs.  The application then calculates the total cost of maintenance or replacement of the facilities, as well as other factors.
Recently Skapa created a new marketing web site and completed a rebranding effort for Paragon.
Supplemental Patient Tracking and Reporting Database for a Neuro-Oncology clinic
Skapa supports and maintains a Patient Tracking and Reporting database for the University of Virginia Health System's Neuro-Oncology clinic. The application is used by nurses and doctors to track and monitor chemotherapy treatments, lab tests, progress notes, and other key indicators of a patient's health. The system provides additional tools not available through the Hospital's electronic medical records (EMR) that makes it easier and more efficient for the health care providers to follow their patient's progress in the specialized area of brain cancer treatment.