Our Team

Huda Bazyan

Senior Consultant

Professional Bio

Huda Bazyan is a highly motivated IT professional, with years of experience in project and product management, agile methodologies, team leadership and software development.

Before joining Skapa, Huda served as the IT Project Manager for PALS, a national literacy screening tool for young kids during her time working at the University of Virginia, and previously worked on the development of nationally recognized virtual human at the University of Iowa.

Huda joined Ryan when Skapa was first established in the summer of 2016 to create a great company that delivers value and quality services to its clients.

Huda has a record of ensuring projects are delivered at the highest quality and within budget by effectively organizing, managing, and utilizing all resources. With her strong interpersonal and analytical skills, Huda proved to be a successful team leader and liaison between teams and clients.

Before, Huda earned her Master’s degree in Management of Information Technology from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. She has significant experience working on product development, analytics, IT hiring, software testing, and documentation.