Relias Live

An E-Learning App Designed to Support Training for Healthcare Workers

Relias, one of the top healthcare education companies in the US, engaged Skapa to create a native app for their Live training platform. The app gives learners the ability to attend virtual events, watch training content (Video, PDF, SCORM) and message their instructors. The app was built using a technology React Native, that allowed Skapa to write one application that was deployed to both the Apple App Store and Google Play, saving significant development costs.

The learner’s home screen enables them to quickly see their training programs. This allows the learner to study and complete the content whenever, and wherever they want.

A screenshot of the Native App

“Skapa is collaborative, creative, and great at getting things done at a high quality. They have provided us with a cost-effective way to have flexibility to expand our product development capacity beyond our internal resources.” Mike Mutka, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder at Relias.

Learner Classroom

  • Classroom for self-paced training
  • Grade book
  • Attend Virtual event
  • Activities to re-enforce learning:
    • Crossword puzzles
    • Flashcards
    • Terms listing
    • Matching terms
  • Syllabus with feedback based on test scores (Novice, Competent, Needs Improvement)
  • Support for Blooms Taxonomy and levels of learning

Virtual Classroom

  • Integration with Virtual Training and Webcasting provider (Kaltura)

Message Center

  • Learners can message their instructor and peers, securely
  • Notifications prompt learners to complete any outstanding course work
A screenshot of the Native App

“Skapa’s professionalism, responsiveness, and ability to iterate as we learn and grow, has helped us navigate key decisions and truly build a product our customers value. Skapa consistently responds to Relias’ growth with the correct skill set and truly delivers research and design phases into post-launch product support. For over 4 years, Skapa has been a phenomenal development partner and we look forward to continuing to work with them! “ Grace Danks, Relias Senior Product Manager

Technologies or standards used:

  • Microservices with RESTful JSON APIs
  • Kaltura Webinar and Webcasting
  • Expo
  • React Native
  • ASP.NET / C# / .NET Core
  • Cloud Platforms/Services:
    • Azure App Services
    • Azure CosmosDb
    • Azure Container Services
    • Azure Functions
    • Azure Storage (Queues, Blob Storage, Tables)
    • Azure SQL Server
    • Azure Virtual Machines
    • CloudFlare