Relias Learning

Training and E-Learning Product for the Healthcare Industry

Skapa Functions as an External Product Development Team

Relias, one of the top healthcare education companies in the US, utilizes hybrid training to combine online education, classroom and real-life situations into one program. Skapa started working with Relias after Relias acquired Straightaway, a start-up founded to train entry-level healthcare providers, primarily Certified Nurse Assistants, with the goal of improving patient care and reducing staff turnover. Straightaway selected Skapa to be its product development team in creating a minimum viable product (MVP) and scaling it into a fully commercialized product in the industry.

“Skapa has been a tremendous partner for us at Relias and Straightaway. At Straightaway, we operated as a start-up and were able to outsource our entire product development function to Skapa, from concept to commercialized product. Skapa helped us bring our product to market much faster and cost effectively than would have been possible via internal development.” Mike Mutka, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder at Relias.

The training application or Learning Management System (LMS) is entirely web-based and is comprised of over 600 videos, quizzes and interactive simulations. Learners are able to watch the videos using their desktop, tablet or mobile devices. The LMS tracks and stores a learner’s progress so the instructors and administrators can track how their learners are progressing.

Skapa was able to use an existing LMS as the base for the Relias Live Platform and customized it to provide a learning environment with significant user-experience (UX) enhancements as well as integrating it with a virtual training platform.

A screenshot of the Relias Live Platform

“Skapa has been instrumental in creating a robust platform to grow Relias with live online and classroom-based education. The Skapa Tech team is efficient and great at coming up with innovative solutions.” Grace Danks, Senior Product Manager

Learner, Instructor/Teacher & Administrator Dashboards

The Learner dashboard, is intuitive and provides the learner with a snapshot to see their progress throughout the training program. The dashboard provides instructors and administrators the ability to track learner progress across the organization and at the facility/building level. It provides detailed information on test results as well as learning trends.

Instructor Tools

  • Ability to present content (SCORM, xAPI & Videos) in the classroom
  • Tracks attendance and learner progress
  • Message learners via a message and discussion board
  • Schedule content (class time), Lab work and Clinical training sessions
  • Teach via a virtual classroom utilizing Kaltura

Recruiter Tools

  • Track application status, key documents
  • Send candidates email and SMS notifications
  • Call candidates from the web site (all calls are logged) via Twilio
  • Approval workflow
A screenshot of the Relias site

Learner Classroom

  • Classroom for self-paced training
  • Grade book
  • Book a virtual preceptor (evaluation session)
  • Attend Virtual event
  • Activities to re-enforce learning:
    • Crossword puzzles
    • Flashcards
    • Terms listing
    • Matching terms
  • Certificates of completion
  • Syllabus with feedback based on test scores (Novice, Competent, Needs Improvement)
  • Support for Blooms Taxonomy and levels of learning
A screenshot of the Relias site

Continued Growth

Since 2019, Relias has grown from one product line to six and are continuing to build product lines with the help and dedication of Skapa Tech.

  • Relias works with more than 10,000 healthcare organizations.
  • Annual recurring revenue has increased from $250,000 to $30 million.
  • User base growth has increased 10x in the past year.

“They have provided us with a cost-effective way to have flexibility to expand our product development capacity beyond our internal resources. Skapa brings a ‘can do’ approach to every project, and we have high confidence in the quality of their work and their understanding of our business objectives and product strategy. They are my first call for any project that requires an outside partner.” Mike Mutka, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder at Relias

Technologies or Standards Used:

  • xAPI
  • Microservices with RESTful JSON APIs
  • Kaltura Virtual Classroom and Webcasting
  • Salesforce integration
  • ReactJs
  • React Native
  • ASP.NET / C# / .NET Framework / .NET Core
  • Rustici Engine
  • Cloud Platforms/Services:
    • Azure App Services
    • Azure CosmosDb
    • Azure Container Services
    • Azure Functions
    • Azure Maps service for Geocoding and proximity searches
    • Azure Storage (Queues, Blob Storage, Tables)
    • Azure SQL Server
    • Azure Virtual Machines
    • CloudFlare
    • Twilio for text messaging and Voice Calls
    • Mailgun for e-mail messages
A screenshot of the Relias site